Send Crypto Anonymously

Bitcoin Anonymous enables you to transfer on the blockchain without any trace through our secure smart contract system powered by Typhoon. Bitcoin Anonymous enables you to transfer on the blockchain without any trace. This gives you complete anonmity when sending funds. Based on a modified zk-SNARK with our additonal privacy shielding layers. The more users use our system the more decentralization and anonmity it gives to transactions. Try out our Dapp today, just click below: Send BTCA Anonymously (soon)

Secure Money Transfers

BTCA is the first token to have complete privacy transactions on the BSC chain. But also Bitcoin Anonymous is great to be used as a store of value and transfer of value. Sending BTCA cost very little in transaction cost compared to Bitcoin (BTC). Bitcoin Anonymous also is much faster to send then many cryptocurrencies, transfering on average in 4-5 seconds. Anonymous BTCA sending ensures transactions remain confidential (if put through the smart contract) while allowing people to selectively (if end user wants to) share address and transaction information. You can see your normal transactions on BscScan. Our contract code has been verified and is secure.

Download Our Wallets

BTCA will be supported in major Binance Smart Chain (BSC) wallets, but we do recommend using our propietary wallets we are creating. Possible additional anonmity features will be built into future releases, ie the anonymity set to default in the wallet, etc. Download our BTCA wallet for Google Chrome, Windows, Mac and in the near future mobile platforms.